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About this program

The objective of this program is to equip new generation of young scientists with fundamental knowledge and cutting-edge research skills in Applied and Engineering Physics. By elucidating the fundamental physical, chemical and biological properties of materials, and designing materials with novel functions, we open a new way to the development of nanotechnology, photon technology, and biomedical engineering. We also aim to develop and produce international collaboration through the creation of an intellectual human resources network. Furthermore, by utilizing interdisciplinary organizations and international networks, we contribute to other socially important fields such as new industries, environment, and energy problems.


(1) We aim to develop human resources capable of advancing science and technology in the field of Applied and Engineering Physics. Students will use fundamental principles of physics to elucidate and control material properties on the electronic and atomic level, and use the acquired knowledge to develop cutting edge technologies that can be applied in both leading and emerging engineering fields.
By attending lectures, participating in workshops, and conducting research, students will be able to

(2) The students will receive world-class instructions regarding the method in developing nano-materials design, the method only Osaka University has. Specialized, international, and advanced educational subjects are provided in each research field.